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155 Artists team up to re-record Pakistan’s National Anthem on its 75th Anniversary

This 14th August, 155 artists/musicians jointly participated in the re-recording of the National Anthem of Pakistan, making no change in the musical score and wordings and ensuring the originality.

The prominent singers in the re-recording included; Fariha Parvez, Sahir Ali Bagga, Ahmed Jehanzeb, Zeb Bangash, Fakhir, Arif Lohar, Bilal Saeed, Gohar Mumtaz, Umair Jaswal and many more.

The musical score of the official National Anthem of Pakistan was first composed back in 1949 by Ahmed G. Chagla which was formally approved by Prime Minister Liaquat Ali Khan. An outstanding poet Abu Al-Asar Hafeez Jalandhari in 1953-54 beautifully wrote down the Anthem which officially got recorded later in 1954.

Taking into account the major technological developments in music, the government of Pakistan came up with the re-recording initiative and enlisted numerous vocalists from diverse cultural, regional and ethnic backgrounds.

The aim behind this re-recording remains the same as before; bringing together the rich diversity of the nation in order to express the distinctive national identity and cohesion of the citizens of Pakistan. 

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