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Kanye West accused of using samples of pastor’s sermon in ‘Come To Life’

Kanye West has been accused of using unauthorized samples of a recorded sermon of a Texas pastor in the rapper’s song Come to Life.

According to details, Bishop David P.Moten filed a lawsuit against West in Dallas federal court on Tuesday.

“Defendants willfully and without the permission or consent of Plaintiff extensively sampled portions of the Sermon,” Moten wrote.

“Over the span of several years, defendants have demonstrated an alarming pattern and practice of willfully and egregiously sampling sound recordings of others without consent or permission,” reported the Billboard.

The alleged illegal sample is used at the beginning of the song as a voice says “My soul cries out, ‘Hallelujah’ And I thank God for saving me I, I thank God.”

“Hallelujah (Thank You, Jesus) Hallelujah (Yes) Hallelujah…” another sample is used in the latter part of the track.

“‘Come to Life’ is approximately five minutes and ten seconds (5:10) in length,” Moten wrote.

“Approximately one minute and ten seconds (1:10) of this sound recording is sampled directly from Plaintiff’s sermon.”

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