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‘Vikings’ actress makes clear she would not takes sides in Johnny Depp, Amber Heard dispute

Two days after we reported that Canadian actress Katheryn Winnick is one of the high profile celebrities who has avoided following Johnny Depp on Instagram but is following Amber Heard, the “Vikings” actress has followed the Hollywood star on the photo and video sharing app.

Depp and Heard’s legal battle has left Hollywood celebrities divided.

Most of high profile celebrities were reluctant to follow Depp on Instagram after the Hollywood star lost his case against a British newspaper that had called him a wife beater.

He also lost a lot of work after being accused of domestic violence by his former wife.

The likes of Jennifer Aniston and Jason Moma started following the actor after his recent victory over Amber Heard in a defamation lawsuit.

While several celebrities are following both the actors, there are some who have taken sides in the dispute.

Canadian actress Katheryn Winnick, who rose to global fame for her work in hit TV series Vikings, was prominent among those who had been following Amber Heard but no Depp.

According to latest reports, some celebrities have withdrawn their likes from Depp’s Instagram post which he shared after winning the case.

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