Kaifi Khalil tops local music charts on Spotify with 19 million streams

Kaifi Khalil makes it to top local charts on Spotify

Kaifi Khalil has made his way towards insane popularity through his hit soulful number ‘Kahani Suno 2.0’. Now, he has made it to the top local music charts on Spotify with 19 million streams. 

Spotify, a music platform which has not only provided easy access to music for those who love to have multiple playlists, but it has also provided singers like Kaifi to make their way in music industry. He has witnessed a 97% increase in streams on the app just over the past month. His popularity has intensified ever since he appeared in Coke Studio season 14 alongside Eva B and Wahab Bugti in Kana Yaari.

As an emerging artist, Kaifi joined Spotify for Artists feature on the app to get better visibility and with the insane skills he possess, he has made his way to heights. He has performed at several cities in Pakistan and wherever he goes, he gets flooded with praises.

His song is also very viral among TikTok and Instagram reels.   

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