King Charles leaves royal fans ‘disappointed’

King Charles leaves royal fans ‘disappointed’

King Charles has left the royal fans ‘disappointed’ for not attending the funeral of King Constantine, the Greece’s former monarch.

King Constantine II died earlier this month.

Commenting on the royal family’s Instagram post as the palace announced King Charles coronation plans, a fan said, “Disappointed you didn’t attend King Constantine’s funeral. My views on you have changed, particularly because the Greek Royal Family were present at the Queen’s funeral.”

Another fan said, “May I add that the late king was chosen by Charles to be William’s godfather and even William didn’t attend. No message of sympathy was posted on this very page… sad.”

King Charles leaves royal fans ‘disappointed’

Constantine II, was the second cousin of Britain’s King Charles and godfather to heir Prince William. 

He died at an Athens hospital aged 82.

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