King Charles, Prince Harry ‘got on well’ before Meghan Markle: Expert

King Charles and Prince Harry’s problems did not surface until the introduction of Meghan Markle.

Royal expert Angela Levin notes how His Majesty and the Duke of Sussex started to experience rift after the Duchess of Sussex came to the fold.

Mr Levin says: “King Charles loves Harry, he’s always loved Harry and always got on very well with him, until, I have to say, Meghan came along.”

She adds: “The trouble is, Meghan doesn’t like being told about things. She has great confidence in herself, I’m putting that kindly. She tells Harry what to do, she’s got no idea how it is.

“She wants to be the winner, the top grader and the person that people look towards. Harry has followed her. He’s very meek now and I think it’s terrible to take that sort of attitude,” she notes.

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