Prince Harry has to ‘show’ he is ‘trustworthy’ before coming to coronation

Prince Harry has to prove himself in front of the royal family before being invited to King Charles’s coronation.

Queen Elizabeth II’s former chaplain, Dr Gavin Ashenden, says the Duke of Sussex is no longer popular amongst the Royal family members.

Speaking on GB News, Mr Ashenden said: “I’m flabbergasted that anybody thinks any good can come out of this. I’m not flabbergasted in the sense that the Archbishop presents himself as having great skills in this area, but I think I’m with William.”

“I don’t think Harry can be trusted not to pull off some kind of stunt. After all, he and Meghan depend entirely on publicity.

“And I think before they will be capable of being invited to such a public space they should show that they’ve become trustworthy and I don’t think there’s the time or the opportunity to do that,” he concluded.

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