Home Entertainment Prince Harry issued an ultimatum to King Charles?

Prince Harry issued an ultimatum to King Charles?


A day after the Palace announced King Charles coronation weekend plans, the British media started discussing whether Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle will attend the coronation.

Referring to Prince Harry’s interview with Tom Bradby, which he gave before his book was released, UK’s Daily Express reported the Duke of Sussex had issued a six-word ultimatum to the king.

Asked if he will come to the coronation if invited, Harry said there was “a lot that can happen between now and then”.

According to the publication, the ultimatum given by Prince Harry was, ““The ball is in their court.”

According to multiple reports, King Charles and Prince William want reconciliation with Harry and peace talks are also expected to take place between the two parties very soon.

Harry has also hinted that he want to mend his ties with the royal family. But, he insists the royal family apologize to him and his wife.

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