Prince Harry recalls the moment he became ‘man’: ‘You are blooded’

Prince Harry is touching upon the first time he hunted down an animal.

The Duke of Sussex in his memoir ‘Spare’ notes how he was praised by his nanny after killing a rabbit.

He began: “The first time I killed anything, Tiggy said: Well done, darling! She dipped her long, slender fingers into the rabbit’s body, under the flap of smashed fur, scooped out a dollop of blood and smeared it tenderly across my forehead, down my cheeks and nose.”

He recalls: “Now, she said, in her throaty voice, you are blooded. Blooding—a tradition from the ages. A show of respect for the slain, an act of communion by the slayer. Also, a way to mark the crossing from boyhood into…not manhood. No, not that. But something close. And so, notwithstanding my hairless torso and chirpy voice, I considered myself, post-blooding, to be a full-fledged stalker.”

Prince Harry’s memoir is now out on shelves.

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