Prince Harry told girlfriend Chelsy Davy to treat paps like ‘chronic illness’

Prince Harry is sharing how his life as a royal Prince got in the way of his romance with girlfriend Chelsy Davey.

The Duke of Sussex recalls in memoir ‘Spare’ that Chels was often bothered by the excessive media attention she got because of being a love interest to one of the Britain heirs.

He says: “Chels and I learned an important lesson. Africa was Africa…but Britain was always Britain. Soon after we arrived back at Heathrow we were papped. Never fun for me, but not a shock either. There’d been a few years, after Mummy disappeared, when I’d hardly ever been papped, but now it was constant.”

He writes: “I advised Chelsy to treat it like a chronic illness, something to be managed. But she wasn’t sure she wanted to have a chronic illness. I told her I understood. Perfectly valid feeling. But this was my life, and if she wanted to share any part of it, she’d have to share this too. You get used to it, I lied.”

Chelsy and Harry broke up in 2010, six years after dating the Duke of Sussex.

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