Prince Harry’s claim triggers outrage amid row over British-Iranian’s execution

King Charles’ younger son Prince Harry is being dragged into row over British-Iranian’s execution after the Duke’s ‘ill-judged’ claims about  killing of 25 Taliban in Afghanistan.

The Iranian government has used the Duke of Sussex’s confession of killing people to take aim at Britain amid the escalating row over the execution of Alireza Akbari. 

Iran has claimed the the UK is ‘in no position to preach’ after killing of the British-Iranian dual national.

The official Twitter account of the Iran Foreign Ministry accused the Duke of Sussex of showing no remorse over the killings of ‘innocent’ lives and accused Britain of allowing this ‘war crime’. 

The post was referring to a controversial passage about the death count from Harry’s new memoir Spare which is already the subject of a mounting backlash. 

Harry’s comments have also sparked security fears for his own family and the people of the UK. The Duke is being  slammed as a ‘big mouth loser’ for likening the fighters that he killed in the conflict ‘chess pieces’ taken off the board.

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