Prince Harry’s given world ‘Post Traumatic Spare Disorder’

Prince Harry has just come under fire for giving the world “Post Traumatic Spare Disorder” with his memoir.

Royal author and biographer Sarah Vine brought this claim to light, against the Duke of Sussex.

Her claims have come in a piece for the Daily Mail and reads, “Perhaps it’s just me, but after almost a week of wall-to-wall Harryonics, I woke up yesterday morning with what can only be described as PTSD (Post Traumatic Spare Disorder).”

“The symptoms are unmistakable. I flinch every time I walk past a pub garden, haunted by visions of the young stallion vigorously servicing a sturdy bottom-slapping lady equestrian. Each time anyone mentions bridesmaids or dresses I get a ringing in the ears.”

“That said, I have yet to mistake my kitchen bin for a human head (as Harry did after consuming the fungi-infused confectionery); but I have come to view my Ikea lamps in a less flattering light. Well, the Sussexes were ashamed of theirs.”

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