Shakira asked her kids to stop calling Gerard Pique’s mom ‘grandmother’ after split

Shakira reportedly asked her sons to stop calling Gerard Pique’s mom, Montserrat Bernabeu, “grandmother” in the aftermath of her painful split from the sports star.

A report by Spanish magazine Lecturas claim that Montserrat is “devastated” after her son and the Waka Waka singer parted ways.

The publication alleged that the headline-making separation of the former lovers was nothing short of a trauma for her.

The outlet reported that the Colombian singer stopping her kids, Sasha and Milan, to not call Montserrat “grandmom” has been most painful for her.

She is very close to the boys, the report claimed, adding that the kids used to spend a lot of time with their grandmother whenever their parents were away for work.

Montserrat is said to be the primary caregiver of the children after Shakira and Gerard and the trio shared a very close bond, the outlet added.

Revealing other reasons that caused their relationship to turn sour, the publication shared that Montserrat saw a social media post on Shakira’s profile as a form of pressure on Gerard.

As for Shakira, presence of Gerard’s parents in photos in La Cerdanya which also featured their son’s new girlfriend Clara Chia Marti was deeply painful.

Lastly, the dissociation of network of companies that merged the two families played the most important role in straining Shakira’s relationship with Montserrat.

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