WATCH: Zainab Abbas falls during commentary in SA20

Sports presenter Zainab Abbas, who is highly popular for her charm and cricket expertise, quoted beauty with brains during the Pakistan Super League (PSL). 

Recently, she was covering the Betway SA20 matches in South Africa, and on January 18th at Centurion Cricket; she exhibited her quick thinking and professionalism. 

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During a match at Centurion Cricket, a fielder near the presenter attempted to catch the ball but unfortunately collided with her in the process. 

Despite the impact, the presenter quickly regained her composure and checked on the well-being of her colleague before continuing to comment on the match. Her quick thinking and concern for others was admirable to see.

Then she jokingly says, “It seems we are okay; it seems we have rather survived.”

Moments later, Zainab and her colleague are seen laughing as she laughs in a chagrined manner and says, “it is clearly back to you guys in the commentary box.”

Fans praised her professionalism and quick thinking on social media, and Zainab also showed a sportsman spirit by acknowledging the support with a light-hearted comment.


I’ve survived, but now I know how it feels! 😂 get that ice pack out ..

— zainab abbas (@ZAbbasOfficial) January 18, 2023

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