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California cops responding to noise complaints start dancing at Punjabi wedding

Cops in US dance in Punjabi pre-wedding function.—Screengrab via Instagram/@kandaproductions

Cops in California, US, visited a Punjabi family after receiving noise complaints but joined the celebrations, NDTV reported.

Deputies from the Sheriff department knocked Manpreet Toor’s door when neighbours complained of noise. It was a pre-wedding function called Jaggo. The family became nervous when the police showed up.

However, their fears vanished when the deputies joined the celebrations. 

“We just sang, we danced, we just partied because we were super excited. The music was really loud because it was an outdoor event,” Toor told ABC10.

Toor agreed to lower the volume on the condition that the police dances with them on a song.

Kanda Productions, who was working in the event, recorded the incident and posted the video.

Soon, the cops began grooving to Punjabi music. The video was viewed more than 35,000 times. Social media users expressed their amusement in the comment section.

“We asked them to dance and then I taught him two moves, ‘turn the doorknob’, ‘turn the lightbulb’, ‘crush the cigarette’ and he got up there and he just did his own thing. He was awesome,” said Toor.

The San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office later expressed gratitude to the hosts for their hospitality.

Toor later confirmed that the cops were invited to the reception ceremony as well.

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