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Cancer patient gives job interview from hospital, netizens call him ‘warrior’

Arsh nandan Prasad, a cancer patient, gives job interview at hospital. — LinkedIn

An IT professional, who is a cancer patient, took to LinkedIn to share his struggle with job hunting as he posted a picture of himself giving an online interview from the hospital.

Arsh Nandan Prasad said in his post that he was not looking for sympathy and just wanted to prove himself.

In the photo, Prasad could be seen sitting on the hospital bed dressed in a medical gown.

The IT professional shared how interviewers rejected him as soon as he told them about his medical condition and chemotherapy.

He wrote: “When you give your best in the interviews but are not selected for the mere fact that you are going through a rough patch in life certainly shows how generous these companies are. As the recruiters come to know that I’m fighting cancer, I see the change in their expressions.”

Prasad’s post went viral with people applauding his courage and calling him a “warrior”. 

Some people shared their own experiences with Prasad.

According to NDTV, Prasad even received a job offer from Nilesh Satpute, the CEO and founder of Maharashtra-based tech company Applied Cloud Computing.

“There will be no interview,” Satpute added.

Since being shared, Prasad’s post has been shared more than 600 times. It has received over 100,000 likes and 3,700 comments. 

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