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Female cop arrests her fiance few months ahead of marriage

Junmoni Rabha, cop from India, arrests her fiance.—Zee News

A female cop from Assam, India, arrested her own fiance on charges of fraud, Zee News reported.

The police reported that Junmoni Rabha, who is a sub-inspector in Nagaon, became aware of the crimes committed by her fiance, Rana Pogag, and lodged an FIR against him. Later on, she arrested him.

Police officials said that the accused had duped people of hundreds of thousands rupees pretending to be a Public Relations Officer of the Oil and Natural Gas Corporation.

During the inquiry, police found 11 fake seals of ONGC and other incriminating documents such as fake ID cards.

Rabha and Pogag were to get married in November this year, the cop told in an interview.

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