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Hindu man murdered by Muslim wife’s brother for inter-religion marriage

Ashirin’s brother was not in favour of inter-religion marriage even after Nagaraju promised to convert to Islam.—Hindustan Times
  • Dalit man beaten to death by Muslim wife’s brother.
  • Brother did not approve of inter-religion marriage.
  • Nagaraju was beat for 15 minutes while his wife cried for help.

A Dalit man was beaten to death by his Muslim wife’s brother in Hyderabad, India, Hindustan Times reported.

Ashrin Sultana, the wife of 25-year-old Billipuram Nagaraju, recalled the incident, saying she did not initially realise it was her brother who had attacked the couple.

Sultana herself was left severely injured after her brother attacked the couple with an iron rod.

“We were going home when my brother along with another person came on a motorcycle and pushed my husband and started beating him. In the beginning, I didn’t know it was my brother who was attacking him. No one helped us,” said Sultana.

Her brother was not in favour of the inter-religion marriage even after Nagaraju promised to convert to Islam.

Syed Mobin Ahmed has been arrested with his accused accomplice Mohammed Masood Ahmed.

Nagaraju and Sultana attended the same school and college where they got into a relationship. They were committed to each other for five years before they got married.

Nagaraju was beaten for 15 minutes. His wife cried for help but nobody showed up to save the man. 

“… there were five other people pushing me away from him (Nagaraju) and other people were beating him. Nagaraju was wearing a helmet but despite that, they injured his skull,” Sultana stated.

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