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Thousands of scorpions crawl inside house, people call it ‘stuff of nightmares’

Horrifying video shows a room full of scorpions—Screengrab via Youtube/Manuel Chavez

A horrifying video has surfaced on the internet, showing a room full of scorpions, supposedly discovered by a Portuguese man.

The video shows a huge colony of nightmarish scorpions resting in the dingy room. The video is titled, “Guy finds thousands of scorpions in an abandoned house.”

According to Pest Defense, scorpions do not live in groups. It is a rare instance in which they are found nesting together. The video-maker recorded such a moment. 

It is not clear where the video was recorded but has definitely given people chills. On Reddit, the video was upvoted over 33,000 times. 

A user commented: “The house doesn’t seem ‘abandoned’ to me,” pointing at how it is occupied by the creepy crawlies.

A user explained: “They are parthenogenic, meaning they can give birth without mating so that will explain their numbers.”

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