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Video of newlywed couple playing rock-paper-scissors goes viral

Indian couple plays rock-paper-scissors. — Screengrab via Instagram

Weddings are all about making beautiful memories and sharing precious moments and a video of this one newlywed couple has gone viral for playing rock-paper-scissors during the ceremony. 

The video shows an Indian couple playing a game that makes everyone nostalgic. 

The clip was shared by WeddingWire India on Instagram and has gained over 100,000 views. 

“Not just a beautiful varmala moment but also a cute one. Tag your partner whom you cannot wait to marry,” the video was captioned.

As they stand on the stage to begin the ritual of exchanging garlands, they play the game to decide who would go first.

The couple can be seen wearing matching outfits as well.

The bride can be seen winning the game after which she places the garland around the groom’s neck.

The couple was identified as Priyanka Shah and Rahil Shah.

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